Can you play Hitman in Android | Is Hitman available for mobile

Is Hitman available for mobile

The series of Hitman made by IO Interactive Company has become very popular, in which there is a contact person whose name is Agent 47. He is given contacts and he also does his work by going international.

Three series of this game have been launched till now and in all three series, Contact killer is controlled with the best story line. The story line of this game is very much liked by the gamers but this game was till now available for PC.

But in October 2023, Reprisal Company has launched Hitman Blood Money game for Android.

Can you play Hitman in Android 

Hitman  is a PC game and this game was not launched for Android but as I just told you that this game is launched for Android so you can play this game in Android but with Android version.

Is Hitman available for mobile 

Before 2023, Hitman was not available for Android but after October 2023, Hitman Blood Money version will be available for Android and you will be able to play it in your Android.

After a very long wait, we are going to play Hitman on our Android mobile. Till now the trailer of this game has been launched. Looking at the trailer, it seems that the graphics of this game are not as good as the graphics of PC, but as this is the first Hitman game of Android, the company has done a lot of things inside this game. A very good story line has been put in. If you will not be able to relate to the graphics then you will definitely relate to the story line of this game because the story line of this game is as good as that of PC games.

It is possible that there will be an update to this game in the future and along with the update, the company will increase the graphics of this game in view of the Requirement of the phone.

But if you want to play the PC version of this game in your Android, then you can play it with the help of cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is a platform in which you can play any PC game in your Android, that too without playing the game. To play Hitman game in your Android, you will have to find the best cloud gaming application which you will get on Play Store, from there you can download the application and register in it, after that you can search your favorite game Hitman and Cloud gaming allows us to play free PC games on our phones for some time and that too without downloading.

Silent Hill : Ascension game 

Recently we got to see the trailer of this game in which the release date of this game has also been revealed. This game will be released on 26 October 2023.

You have to download this game from Play Store at 6:30 in the morning. The graphics of this game are very similar to the graphics of PC games and the best thing about this game is that this game has a story line which starts daily at 6:30 in the morning. It will change, that is, it is not related to the story line of this game. The story line of this game will be different for every person. Daily at 6:30 am, the story line of this game will change. If you follow any one story line, then your ending. It will be different and if you follow another story line then your ending will be different.

Once Human Game 

We have also got to see a trailer for this game. It is shown in the trailer that this game will be a super natural open world survival game. But no release date related to this game has been revealed in the trailer, although work on this game is still going on and it is possible that another trailer will come in the future in which the release date of this game will be told.

Mobile Games Updates 

Game 01 : Newrp Game 

This is an open world high graphics Android game. Inside this game we are given open world and day and night cycle is also given inside this game. The graphics of this game are decent and good, you can play this game.

Game 02 : CarXstreet Game 

This game is an open world racing game like Forza Horizon game and the graphics of this game are very high. This game which provides realistic graphics runs only on high end devices. In the new update of this game, we will also get the support of 60fps for Android users. Although this game used to run smoothly in iOS, now this game will run very smooth in Android also.

Gaming News 

PAYDAY : Crime War Game 

The sad news for this game is that this game is now being shut down you will not be able to play this game anymore although it was one of the best graphics shooting game and a lot of people loved this game but now it is being shut down.

One Punch Man World Game 

This game has come for pre registration on Play Store but this game has not been launched for India, however if you want to play this game by using VPN and like As soon as this game is launched, you can also download this game by using VPN. This game is an anime based game which has anime characters.

GURUDHARMA : Age of Bravery 

This brand new 5 vs 5 game created by Ncore Company, whose graphics are very realistic. Ncore company has also made a game before which was named Fauji, that game was not very successful.

League of Legends : Wildrift

This game has crossed 1$ billion in consumer spend. This is the money which purchases in game like skin, dresses, create opening etc.

So, after knowing these news of some games, you might have felt good or bad, although all the games were good for an android gamer.

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